Park Slope People

I love my hometown. Strolling down the charming tree-lined streets of Park Slope, I can’t help but smile. Moms pass by with strollers; giggling teenagers converge at the pizza place after school; couples gaze into each other’s eyes as they walk hand-in-hand. Writers, artists and musicians congregate over laptops at local coffeehouses while new friendships develop between Park Slope Coop volunteers walking patrons home. Mom and Pop business owners lean casually in doorways making small-talk with passersby, and an old-fashioned barber shop still stands, complete with old men laughing and chatting over newspapers and a shave. A melody of tinkling piano drifting from an open window of the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music meets the sound of children’s laughter, providing a warm background for Park Slope’s cross-section of ornate and playful Victorian, Romanesque and neo-renaissance architecture. A diverse town of families, young professionals, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs, Park Slope exudes a feeling of home and hearth. A neighborhood where people still say hello and smile, Park Slope residents are fiercely loyal to their town. Situated so close to the overwhelming cacophony of Manhattan, Park Slope is a refuge—a sanctuary that feels like home.

In my five years of living in the same sweet apartment on Berkeley Place, I’ve always been struck by the intelligence, success, ambition, creativity, diversity and kindness of my neighbors. I’ve cultivated friendships with people of all ages and ethnicities through my yoga studio, local shops and restaurants, and walks through Prospect Park. This blog is a place to celebrate and be inspired by the entrepreneurs and success stories of Park Slope. Here, not only can you find desired professional services, restaurants, shops and local businesses, but will also get to know the people who created them. A place to network and get to know your neighbors, welcome to Park Slope People.